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slewing ring application
- Nov 05, 2018 -

To date, SZ slewing rings have proven effective in many machines and equipment such as:

  • pitch and yaw bearings for wind turbines

  • construction, mobile and pillar cranes

  • shovel and digging-wheel excavators

  • manipulators and positioners

  • revolving grabs and winches

  • assembly and access platforms

  • machine tools

  • power loaders and tunnel machines

  • vehicles for waste removal

  • aerials for telescopes and radars

  • axles and undercarriages

  • drilling equipment

  • robots

  • universal finishing earth machinery

  • machinery for felling and processing of wood

  • special equipment

  • water treatment equipments

  • bottle filling machines

  • loaders

  • hydraulic grippers

  • and many other applications

 "slew" means to turn without change of place.So slewing rings is a great bearing,and be used in more and more machines and equipments.