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slewing ring bearing application area
- Nov 13, 2018 -

slewing ring bearing application area :

Construction machinery :

Slewing bearings are widely used, construction machinery is the initial application of slewing bearings, but also the most widely used places. Earthmoving machinery, excavators, disintegration machines, stackers, graders, rollers, tamping machines, rock drilling machines, boring machines.

Concrete pump truck, concrete mixing cloth rod one machine, belt fabric machine

Wheeled cranes, crawler cranes, portal cranes, tower cranes, forklifts, cranes, gantry cranes;

Impact drilling machine, rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, reverse circulation drilling rig,

Bridge detection vehicles, fire engines, windows, flat beam vehicles, high-altitude vehicles, self-propelled aerial work platform;

Beverage machinery, blow molding machine, packaging machinery, filling machine, rotary bottle machine, injection molding machine

Marine cranes: floating crane.

Port crane, front crane

Disc feeder, sand mixer

Wind power generation equipment, solar power generation equipment;

Metallurgical crane, ladle turntable, grazing machine, clay gun, oxygen blowing device

Drilling equipment, kitchen equipment, CNC equipment (wire cutting machine, quenching machine), brick machine etc.