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Slewing ring bearings installation guide
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Thank you for your purchase from the SZ slewing ring bearing product line - your business is appreciated!

Before installation please note the following: SZ slewing rings are lubricated with a minimal amount of lithium-based high pressure grease to protect them in transit. A proper grease and fill amount should be determined for the specific application the bearing is intended for before installation.

Your slewing ring may be shipped with the grease uninstalled. Those grease will be included with your shipment and will need to be installed before installation into the application. Typically, you will only find that grease on the outer faces of the bearings will need to be installed; this is to protect them from damage during shipment and storage.

To install, screw the provided grease into the predrilled and tapped lubrication holes clockwise until finger tight, then using the appropriately sized wrench, tighten the grease a quarter turn clockwise.

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