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Slewing ring should be installed under no load conditions
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1 Adjust the gear backlash

When installing a toothed slewing ring, it is important to properly adjust the gear backlash. It can be measured with a feeler gauge at the highest point of the radial runout of the gear, or it can be pressed with lead wire or other suitable method. If the backlash is not within the specified value, the movable pinion changes the center distance. After setting, turn the slewing ring at least one full turn to confirm that there are no other tooth high jump points, and check the backlash false back gap after the slewing bearing is finally fixed. The highest point of the radial runout of the gear is marked in the groove with green paint.

2 first lubrication

3 raceway lubrication

To ensure adequate lubrication, the grease specified in the drawings or the product instruction manual should be refilled before initial use. Pay special attention to all the grease nozzles injecting the grease one by one, preferably by turning the slewing bearing while filling the oil until the grease is squeezed out of the seal.

4 gear lubrication

When the gear is lubricated, the tooth surface should be clean. It is recommended to brush the grease on the gear with a clean brush.

5, regular inspection and maintenance

Check the bolt preload torque for the first time using 100 working hours. If more than 10% of the bolts are loose, check again after the 200th working hour. It will be inspected every 500 working hours in the future; the inspection interval should be shortened in harsh conditions. After 2000 hours of cumulative operation of the equipment, if a bolt is found to be loose to less than 80% of the specified torque, the bolt and the adjacent two

The bolts should be replaced with new ones. If 20% of the bolts are found to be loose to less than 80% of the specified torque, all bolts will be replaced.