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Two common aspects of the inflexibility of the slewing ring
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. The newly purchased product is not flexible. Please check the production date of the slewing bearing. If the time is long, such as more than half a year, the climate is cold, and there may be a large viscosity of the grease in the raceway, which may cause malfunction. Cold areas and winters are more prominent. Remedy: If it can work after afterburning and no other abnormalities can be used normally; if there is abnormal noise, check whether there is serious trauma during transportation, and feedback the information to our after-sales service department.

2. It is not flexible after installation. It may be that the mounting surface of the mainframe does not cooperate well with the mounting surface of the slewing bearing, so that the axial clearance of the slewing bearing after installation cannot compensate the deformation of the slewing bearing, and the slewing bearing is in a negative clearance state, and the rolling element is difficult to operate in the raceway sometimes accompanied by abnormal noise. Or the gears of the large and small gears are not well meshed, or there are foreign objects stuck in the large and small gears.