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What are the steps to properly install the slewing ring
- Sep 06, 2018 -

A, the installation plane

The mounting surface should be smooth and remove all excess material such as paint residue, solder beads, burrs, etc. When cleaning, be careful not to let the solvent penetrate into the inside of the slewing ring, and do not use solvents that damage the sealing material. The mounting surface should be dry and free of lubricant before assembly. Measures to protect workers and the environment should be taken.

The mounting surface roughness of the mounting bracket is not greater than Ra=12.5, 6.3μm. The error of the flatness of the mounting surface must be detected by the circumferential error and radial error. The circumferential flatness tolerance value has a corresponding standard value range with the diameter of the slewing bearing raceway.

In order to avoid the unevenness of the installation plane or the deformation of the bearing, the slewing bearing is partially overloaded, and the circumferential flatness error can only have one wave fluctuation in any 180 degree range, and the change is gentle.

B, the rigidity of the support

Standard slewing bearings and zero-gap slewing bearings have different requirements for the rigidity of the bearings.

C, positioning

The inner and outer ring raceways of the slewing ring have a soft belt and should be placed on both sides of the main load plane. That is, it is shifted by 90 degrees from the main load zone. There is a blockage at the soft belt or an "S" mark.

Also check the slewing bearing and the mounting surface, usually with a feeler gauge. If the fit is not good, fill it with a suitable material. Welding work on the support is prohibited after installation of the slewing ring.