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Winter maintenance rotary drive should start from the following aspects
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. The rotary drive is rolled to the inside and is coated with a small amount of No. 2 extreme pressure lithium grease. The activation allows the user to refill the new grease according to different working conditions.

2, should be a lot of comprehensive work factors, users can also choose the best grease according to specific requirements.

3. The rotary drive raceway should be filled with grease regularly. Generally, the ball support is refueled once every 100 hours of operation, and the roller type support is refueled every 50 hours. The special working environment, such as tropical, humid, dusty, large temperature difference and continuous operation, should shorten the lubrication cycle. New grease must be added before and after the machine has been shut down for a long time. The lubrication must be filled with grease in each race until it seeps out from the seal. When filling grease, slowly turn the rotary drive to make the grease fill evenly.

4, the tooth surface should always remove debris, and apply the corresponding grease.

5. After the first run of the slewing drive for 100 hours, the pre-tightening force of the bolt should be checked. After every 500 hours of operation, it must be checked for a sufficient preload.

6. Pay attention to the operation of the rotary drive during use. If noise, shock and power suddenly increase, stop the machine immediately, check the fault, and dismantle the test if necessary.

7. It is forbidden to wash the rotary drive directly with water during use to prevent ice and snow from entering the raceway. Prevent harder foreign objects from approaching or entering the tooth meshing area.

8. Always check the integrity of the seal. If it is found that the sealed bag is damaged, it should be replaced in time. If it falls off, it should be reset in time.