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Analysis Of Machining Efficiency Of Slewing Bearing Teeth
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The slewing bearing takes a lot of time from the forging to the finished product until it is sent to the user's hand. The length of the delivery process depends largely on the processing efficiency of the slewing bearing. In recent years, in order to adapt to the machining accuracy of the slewing bearing machining , the improvement of production efficiency requirements, hobbing technology continues to develop in the direction of full CNC, zero transmission, high speed, high precision, intelligent, etc., hobbing processing accounts for about 45% of the total slewing bearing processing, and even greater proportion, and For large diameter and large modulus slewing bearing machining, milling machining also shows good machining accuracy, high efficiency and convenient programming. The slewing bearing is a large-sized bearing with low speed and heavy load operation. Usually, the inner ring or the outer ring is toothed. It is used to connect two large parts that need relative rotation. It is widely used in engineering machinery, wind power equipment, port machinery and other fields. In recent years, due to the country's strong investment in infrastructure, new energy equipment and other fields, the market demand for slewing bearings has also increased sharply, and there is often a shortage of supply. On the other hand, there are many domestic slewing bearing manufacturers, especially in Xuzhou. To stand out, minimizing costs under the premise of ensuring product quality is the key to the company's emergence in the fierce market competition. Tooth processing is the longest process in the production process of slewing bearings, and it is also one of the most important factors that have restricted the production efficiency of slewing bearings. The traditional slewing bearing tooth processing usually has two methods of gear shaping and hobbing. It is processed by the exhibition principle, the machine tool price is low, the cutting amount is small each time, and the processing efficiency is low. In recent years, the slewing bearing industry has gradually promoted one kind. The processing method of high-speed milling teeth is processed by the profiling principle, and the machine tool is expensive, and the amount of machining is large each time, and the processing efficiency is high. It can be seen that milling and hobbing processing have advantages in terms of efficiency and equipment cost. In the case of sufficient market demand, the processing efficiency of the slewing bearing ring gear milling is better than the hobbing processing, and the milling tooth processing cost is lower than the hobbing processing.