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Crane Slewing Support Selection
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Slewing bearings are a type of bearing that can withstand many weights and are often used in different industries. And there are many types of slewing bearings, and different types have different usage conditions. But overall, the slewing bearing is used in construction machinery, so what type of slewing bearing does the crane use?

The crane is a large machine, so the selected slewing ring must have a large capacity and be compact. Therefore, the slewing bearing in the crane can select three rows of roller slewing bearings, and a single row four-point contact ball type slewing type slewing bearing. This type of slewing ring consists of 2-3 sets of rings and can increase the overall contact area and can withstand various loads at the same time. The diameter of this type of slewing ring is also large, which is specially designed for heavy machinery. in use. Therefore, to select the slewing bearing for the crane, it is necessary to select the above two types of slewing bearings.