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How Slewing Bearings Adapt To Temperature And Working Environment
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The slewing bearing is called "the joint of the machine" in the mechanical industry. It is the important transmission original necessary for the mechanical movement of the two objects, which can support the axial force, the radial force and the tilting moment.

Slewing bearing track and gear heat treatment:

The raceway of the slewing bearing is subjected to surface induction hardening treatment, and the quenching hardness is ensured at HRC 55-62, and sufficient hardened layer depth can be achieved.

Due to the need to transmit force, one of the slewing rings is usually provided with teeth. The heat treatment state of the gear is generally normalized or tempered. The tooth surface can also be quenched according to the user's requirements. The quenching hardness is between 50 and 60 HRC and sufficient depth can be guaranteed. Gear quenching can be divided into full tooth quenching and single tooth induction hardening depending on the application. Single-tooth induction hardening can be divided into tooth surface root quenching and tooth surface quenching.