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Large Diameter Flanges Slewing Ring
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Large diameter flanges slewing ring,means the flange sizes are more than DN2000. Such large diameter flanges require customers offer drawings and specifications, manufacturers will produce flanges according to customer's drawings and technical requirements.

There are there main manufacture processes for large diameter flanges: forged flanges, rolled flanges, welding flanges. Big sizes flanges, used for connection and sealing, widely used in aero industry, petrol , oil and big vessel industry.

011.40.1600Fslewing ring bearing


1. Split Process and connected : to some very large diameter flanges, because the size are too big,  difficult for transportation, it is impossible to make a overall flanges. So split manufacturing is a good choice. Normally, such huge size flanges are making from several arcs parts. First, forging into bloom, then cold-formed into arcs, after stress relief annealing heat treatment., makes up the whole circle to the shape and sizes, for finally shipping to the construction sites. there, set several arcs into a complete flange with welding process.

2. To some big size flanges slewing ring, below 6 meters, the process would be more easy: seamless rolled ring forging process, in china, some factories could manufacture with this process up to 9 meters.

3. Rolled Process: bended bars or plate, then welding, normally it need heat treatment after rolled.

Our company has three production lines:  1600mm, 3000mm, 5000mm, Ring Roller Mills, supporting us to produce forged flanges with max outer diameter up to 4800mm.