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Poor Lubrication Can Also Cause Damage To The Slewing Bearing
- Jan 14, 2019 -

The slewing bearing is an important part of many equipments. Everyone knows that in the normal operation of the equipment, all the equipment parts can be supported by it, that is, once the parts are damaged, the equipment will not be normal. Play its role. In the process of damage to the slewing bearing, everyone should consider a lot of problems, according to the specific damage reasons, can better pay attention to the corresponding problems, so as to better play its role.

In order to ensure the good operation of the slewing bearing, good lubricity plays a very important role. If the slewing bearing has poor lubrication for a long period of time, it may cause damage to the component. Of course, many factors cause this situation, such as It is said that everyone did not have the timely lubrication, or did not raise the position, or even the selected lubricant does not meet the model and other issues, which will lead to the above situation, so everyone should be serious about the lubrication of the slewing bearing.

Therefore, when you are doing lubrication work, you must first choose the right lubricant. Everyone needs to know which kind of lubricant is suitable for their equipment. Once selected, do not replace it at will. At the same time, everyone should use the correct lubrication method. It is necessary to know that oil is added according to the regulations and standards to ensure that the lubricating oil can function normally.

In any case, the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil is very large, so it is very important to do the lubrication work of the slewing bearing. In our normal work, we must regularly maintain the equipment to ensure that all parts are It can be used normally and maintained in time to maximize the role of each component.