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Slewing Arm Davit
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Jiangsu Shuangzheng Machinery Company is a professional slewing bearing manufacturer in China.Our slewing bearing is widely used for tunneling equipment,harbor and shipyard cranes,the shipping arm davit,construction equipment,mobile cranes,offshore technology,tower cranes,turning machines etc......

The slewing arm davit is mainly used for lifting and lowering a boat/raft , and also for other types of raft davit. It have the functions of electrical(manual) hoisting, gravity lowering, hydraulic slewing (Oils fed from the pump station or accumulator/manual pump). It is provided with lowering and slewing functions operated from deck or remotely controlled from a position within the boat/raft. According to the arrangement of ship, the davit is of two types,right and left. Either of them is selected as per customers’ demands.


A slewing mechanism is a mechanism that rotates a slewing arm davit around a turning centerline in a horizontal plane, and it is one of the main working mechanisms of a slewing arm davit. The role of the slewing mechanism is to achieve horizontal movement of the goods. Through the cooperation of the three mechanisms of lifting, luffing and turning, the goods can be transported to any position within the range of the working range of the slewing arm davit.

The slewing mechanism usually consists of a slewing bearing device and a slewing drive device. The slewing bearing device is used to connect the rotating part and the non-slewing part of the slewing arm davit, and provides the constraints required for the slewing movement to ensure that the rotating part has a certain movement, and at the same time, provides a stable support for the rotating part and bears the vertical load and level from the rotating part, load and overturning moment; slewing drive is used to drive rotary part to realize rotary motion relative to non-rotary part.Jiangsu Shuangzheng can provide single ball & double row ball & three row roller slewing bearing and SE series & WEA series slewing drive.