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Slewing Bearing Process
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Slewing bearings are a common mechanical part in industrial equipment, which can increase productivity in industrial production and bring great convenience to people. So what is the process flow of the slewing ring?

1. First, the first step in the production of the slewing bearing is to select the blank, and the selected blank can not have defects, cracks, lamination and the like.

2. Secondly, the slewing bearing blank is processed. Different methods are used to smooth the surface of the blank and to enhance the strength and hardness of the blank.

3. The slewing bearing is then heat treated and heated at a high temperature so that the slewing bearing surface does not have any disadvantages.

4. Different types of slewing bearings are processed differently to achieve an accuracy of 8 or higher.

5. Next, we will scribe and drill the slewing ring.

6. The slewing bearing is then ground.

In addition, after the slewing bearing process is completed, the slewing bearing must be systematically inspected and inspected before it can be put into sale and used.