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Slewing Drive Application
- Oct 30, 2018 -

SE Enclosed Slewing Drives help power movement across industries and are perfect for situations requiring both load-holding and rotational torque from the same gearbox.Jiangsu shuangzheng model sizes deliver performance ranges from 2kNm to 158.3kNm of holding torque, 400Nm to 34.2kNm of output torque, 1.1kNm to 310kNm of overturning moment load capacity, and gearbox reduction ratios of 62:1 up to 150:1. The mounting can be done horizontally, vertically, or across a combination of multiple axes.


Our Slewing Drive applications:Solar Trackers ,Wind Turbines,Man Lifts,Hydraulic Machinery,Telescopic Handlers,Digger Derricks,Lifts Cranes,Drilling equipment,Military Equipment,Turn tables,Truck mounted cranes.

Our slewing drive advantages:

  1. We can supply various size of slewing drive.

  2. 2. Diameter range: 3 inches-----25 inches, Weight range: 14kg--------218kg

  3. Design and manufacture according to customer needs, OEM slewing drive.

 4. High quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and best services.