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Slewing Ring Bearing Application In Port Crane
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Port cranes are known for their strong lifting abilities and versatile movement for transporting heavy loads. Various types of port cranes are installed in ports, shipyards, harbors and bulk handling operations for safe and efficient container handling.  

Maintaining port cranes in effective working condition requires special attention to major components,espencially the slewing beawing. Often increased demand for crane availability and reliability puts additional strain on obsolete components, accelerating the frequency of unexpected breakdowns.When upgrades, modernization or rebuilds are needed, Port Crane Parts can help you improve the performance and reliability of your existing equipment by supplying components with new technology.

Port Crane has three different type:Gantry Cranes & Straddle Carriers & Container Lift Trucks.These three types of port equipment are the most commonly used but are not the only machinery or innovations in the shipyard environment.


When the port crane is working, the swivel part is subjected to various complicated loads, but when these loads are transmitted to the slewing bearing, they can be converted into four types of loads:

1. Load torque--caused by the self-weight of the swivel part, lifting load, wind load, cargo yaw load and so on.

2. Vertical axial force--caused by the self-weight of the swivel part, lifting load, lifting load.

3. Horizontal radial force - caused by wind load, cargo yaw load, swing and variable amplitude inertia load.

4. Swing torque - caused by slewing wind load, slewing friction resistance, and ramp resistance.

Among the above four types of loads, the most important influence on the slewing bearing is the load moment and the vertical axial force, and the horizontal radial force and the turning torque are relatively small.

Port cranes are a type of crane with high working speed, high load and high working level, so there are special requirements for slewing bearings. The three-row roller type slewing bearing transmits force through different rolling elements and rolling rings and through line contact, so the bearing capacity is large, and the impact resistance and dynamic load capacity are strong. According to the force characteristics of the slewing bearing of the port crane, the structure of the bearing is particularly suitable for the use of port cranes.


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