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Slewing Ring Bearing Application Of Palletizing Robot
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The palletizing robot is a robot that will package the goods neatly and automatically (or disassemble) on the pallet. Its application in industrial production and three-dimensional warehouse, the use of palletizing robots will undoubtedly greatly improve productivity, reduce the work intensity of workers, and also play a limited guarantee for the personal safety of workers in some harsh working environments.

The palletizing robot performs many pick and place operations, and its mechanism is mainly composed of a base, a slewing bearing for waist swivel, a boom, an arm, a forearm, a hand seat, and an end effector. Among them, the slewing bearing for waist swivel, the boom, the forearm and the end effector are the main moving parts. One of the most important accessories is the slewing ring. The application of the slewing bearing can be more flexible and more comfortable to grasp by the robot.


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