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Solution To The General Failure Of Slewing Bearings
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Learn these points, slewing support fault diagnosis is easy to get

1. The slewing bearing is lubricated with grease, and abnormal noise may be caused by lubrication problems. Common causes are the lack of grease in the raceway, uneven grease filling, poor grease quality aging, and incorrect lubricant selection. To solve this problem, you only need to use the right lubricant, timely filling, and timely replacement.

2. When abnormal noise occurs in the slewing bearing, check whether it is due to the installation operation. When the unevenness of the mounting surface does not meet the requirements, the raceway will form a negative gap, resulting in abnormal noise. In addition, when the pinion meshes When it is not good, abnormal noise may occur, and the broken tooth may be caused. In addition, when the mounting bolt is loose, the slewing bearing is elastically deformed, and the deformation position generates a negative gap, and it is necessary to immediately perform the inspection to tighten the bolt as required.

3. When the rolling surface of the slewing bearing is cracked, indented or rusted, it also hears periodic vibration like rivet rivet. The flaw will occur continuously on the channel, and the flaw will appear on the steel ball. This noise has to be changed depending on the installation and lubrication conditions. The liberation method is to not knock the bearing or use a high viscosity grease during installation.

4. Generally, after starting the slewing bearing, we must carefully identify the sound quality of its rolling sound to see if there is an abnormal sound during the running process, or whether there is an irregular sound, we can judge by scrolling The sound, we can judge whether it is a normal operating state, if there is an abnormal sound, then we need to check which part of the link has been damaged, if the cause of the fault is found, then the corresponding need to take Effective maintenance methods to repair and solve problems.