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The Flange Type Slewing Bearing
- Oct 24, 2018 -

Jiangsu Shuangzheng Machinery is a professional manufacturer in flanged slewing bearings.Shuangzheng slewing bearings can also design and make other standard type and non-standard type ball bearings, trailer bearing and high precision bearings as per customer's different technical requirements.


Slewing bearing is called slewing rings, flanged ball bearings, slewing ring bearing, trailer bearing, turntable bearing,crane bearings, swing bearing,slew bearing, roller bearing and rotary bearing. flange bearing is a special slewing ring bearing, it can have one flange in the outer ring, or one flanged bearing in the inner ring, even it can have one flange in both inner ring and outer ring.
Flanged slewing bearing has three different Structures as below:

external gear 


internal gear


no gear  


图片4Flange slewing bearings are widely used on tow trucks, and other applications are the same as trailer bearing, such as lifting & transport machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery, excavator, concrete machine, paper machine, plastic and rubber machine and steel plant.

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