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The Life Of Slewing Ring Bearings
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The theoretical and practical gap between the service life of the slewing bearing is very large, and the material, process and production precision of the manufacturer affect the service life. If the customer buys it back, it also needs maintenance. If it is not maintained, the service life will be short. The correct use will increase slewing bearing’s  life.We Jiangsu Shuangzheng slewing bearing company always use slewing bearing material with Quenched and Tempred.


Slewing ring bearing life is calculated assuming infinitely rigid and flat mounting structures. A structure that distorts significantly under load, and/or one that is out-of-flat, applies loads to localized areas rather than evenly distributing them. This causes permanent deformation in the local area, leading to early failure.

The unique design of slewing ring bearings allows for combination loads to be handled quite efficiently. However, whenever a load is applied that exceeds the bearing capacity, permanent deformation could occur, again leading to a premature failure.

Safety is the primary concern in detecting slewing bearing problems. Excessive slewing bearing clearance due to accelerated wear results in less overall stiffness in the entire system. This lack of stiffness is magnified tremendously at the bucket, causing a potential problem for the operator. Another safety concern relates to uneven work distribution. This is especially common among excavators where most of the work is done in the same general area. Poor work distribution leads to an uneven wear pattern usually causing excessive play.

The potential costs associated with a worn slewing ring bearing can be significant if the problem is not detected in a timely manner. A severely worn bearing can damage other components, such as the drive pinion and gear box.

While maintenance is critical to lengthening the life of large slewing ring bearings, the severity of use of heavy equipment means that eventually, any large slewing ring bearing will become worn. Detection of bearing wear makes repair a less costly alternative to replacement. If you practice proper maintenance and watch for common warning signs, a worn bearing is likely to be deemedrepairable.

structure of slewing ring 

Maintenance involves regular relubrication of raceways and gear together with inspection of the fastening bolts and wear of the

bearing.When relubricating, the lubricant should be uniformly distributed in the inner space of the slewing ring. The most suitable way of achieving this is to apply the lubricant while the bearing rotates or by application from several positions around the circumference.In addition to the fixing bolts check, raceway wear checking is also carried out in operation (mainly at significant important rotary connections) using the measurement method "tilting clearance". The tilting clearance is the difference of the mutual ring displacement in axial direction measured under load by minimum and maximum tilting moment.

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