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The Necessity Of Removing The Impurities On The Surface Of The Slewing Bearing
- Jan 03, 2019 -

The slewing bearing will be an indispensable product in mechanical engineering. It can withstand the radial force, axial force and bearing capacity of the machine, and it can better drive the operation of the machine.

There is a seal on the outside of the slewing bearing, which on the one hand prevents leakage of the filled grease, and on the other hand prevents the dust, impurities and moisture from entering the inside of the bearing from affecting its normal operation. In order to better prevent the damage of the slewing bearing, the surface should be removed frequently during installation and use, which can prolong its service life and reduce the damage of the slewing bearing.

In use, the surface impurities of the slewing bearing should be removed frequently. Check whether the slewing bearing seal is aging, cracked, damaged or detached. If one of the conditions occurs, the sealing strip should be replaced in time to prevent debris and lubrication from entering the raceway. Loss of grease, after the replacement should be applied with the corresponding grease to avoid the rolling body and raceway hair jam or rust.