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The Uniqueness Of The Slewing Ring
- Sep 06, 2018 -

1. Re-examine the traditional slewing bearing configuration.

The slewing bearing uses a high-precision rating while applying a preload to eliminate the gap and reduce vibration. Slewing bearings have radial runout and diameter tolerances ranging from one thousandth to one ten thousandth of an inch (2.54tan), compact, small cross-section and diameters as small as 50mm (the size of this type of slewing ring) It is smaller than the steel ball of the heavy series slewing ring used conventionally. This prompted designers to rethink the traditional slewing bearing configuration.

2. Why is the slewing ring suitable for new operating devices in industrial automation?

If the slinger bearing is used to withstand radial, axial and moment loads, the mounting configuration uses two sets of ball or roller slewing bearings spaced along the shaft. This configuration is achieved by placing the two sets of slewings on the shaft. Distance settings for higher torque load capacity. However, for such a configuration, it is difficult to adapt to new applications due to space constraints and installation complexity. The advantage of the slewing bearing is that instead of two sets of slewing bearings, a set of slewing bearings can not only reduce the height of the device, but also simplify the structure of the components. Therefore, the slewing ring is particularly suitable for use in new operating devices in industrial automation.

3. How to choose the slewing ring correctly.

The correct choice of slewing ring depends on the requirements of load, stiffness, speed, size and rotational flexibility. The user and the slewing bearing manufacturer discuss the design goals and the suitability of the slewing ring to help optimize the performance of the system at the lowest cost and to ensure trouble-free operation. Xuzhou Fenghe slewing bearing explores the needs with our customers with the most enthusiasm, produces the products with the highest efficiency to return the customers, and guarantees the after-sales work with the most thoughtful service. Achieve professionalism. excellence. Win-win!