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What Is The Cause Of Abnormal Noise In The Slewing Ring?
- Dec 09, 2018 -

1. The mounting surface is not flat, and the flatness of the mounting surface does not meet the requirements, which will cause abnormal noise in the raceway to form a negative gap. During installation, too tight installation will also cause slewing ring noise.

2, there are impurities inside the slewing bearing raceway, such as sand, iron filings, etc., which will cause abnormal slewing bearing, and at the same time such problems, the machine is generally difficult to operate.

3. The slewing bearing lacks lubricating oil, check whether the raceway lacks lubricating oil, if it is possible to add lubricating oil, reduce friction between parts and parts.

Swing support abnormal sound solution:

1. If there is no lubricating oil, the slewing bearing raceway can be smeared or added. At the same time, the new slewing bearing should be applied once every 100 hours to ensure that the machine will not lack lubrication during operation.

2. If there are impurities inside, it should be cleaned up. Note that in the cleaning, you must not use hard objects to clean, which will increase the defects of the slewing bearing surface, and can be cleaned with soft objects to effectively ensure the surface integrity of the product and improve the service life.

3. If the installation is uneven, reinstall the slewing ring. During the installation process, ensure that the mounting surface is flat and not too tight or too loose.

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