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Worm Gear Slewing Drive For Solar Tracker
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Jiangsu shuangzheng is a professional slewing drive manufacturer in China,we have Standard Model Slewing Drive SE series and WEA series slewing drive.Size from SE3~SE25,WEA7~WEA25.

The SE series slewing drive is widely used for trailers, all types of cranes, aerial working platform, solar tracking systems and wind power systems.Our SE drives offer an IP65-rated enclosure that demonstrates nearly complete protection from environmental particles such as dust, dirt, sand, and even water. 


A solar tracking system positions various payloads―such as solar PV panels, reflectors or lenses―toward the sun. Trackers are used to maximize the amount of incoming light by following the sun as it moves across the sky. Solar trackers are categorized by the number and orientation of their axes and whether they employ fixed, single or dual axis tracking systems.

A single-axis tracker orients PV modules along one axis of rotation, moving horizontally from east to west as the sun moves. Moving these enormous PV modules requires that the gearbox offer both load-holding and rotational torque – something only a highly specialized slewing drive can offer. Trackers utilizing slewing drives that engage a greater

number of teeth on the pitch line of the gear ring will offer the maximum amount of strength, durability and performance. This ensures the tracker has the longest possible field life with the least amount of downtime or maintenance cost.